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Issue #50

Issue Date: April, 1979
Editor: Robin Skelton and Charles Lillard
Pages: 276
Number of contributors: 24

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Cover of issue #50

Here renaissance fiction is in complete focus and while content doesn't focus strictly on the west coast it brings forth the values of multiculturalism, of the imaginations that have gathered in B.C. from around the world. The work of Tony Hunt, a now famous Kwakwaka'wakw artist, both covers the magazine and illustrates its interior. Robin Skelton writes in his editor's comment, "It is our hope that this issue... reveals some of the vitality and variety of one part of our current West Coast Renaissance." In Charles Lillard's essay "The Past Rising From Our Midst" we get a sense of the long history of west coast fiction through an interview with author Hubert Evans. Unlike today, many of B.C.'s early writers were more popular and more published in the U.S. or the U.K. In this issue lively characters such as Judy Winter's "Claire," Howard O'Hagan's "Ursus," W. P. Kinsella's "Fiona the First," and Hubert Evans' McGibbon in "Betrayal," as well as cheeky naratives like "Adolpho's Dissapeared and We Haven't a Clue Where to Find Him," by Leon Rooke, "A First Class Funeral," by Sonia Birch-Jones, "Portrait of Duck," by Robin Skelton, and "Unless the Eye Catch Fire..." by P. K. Page fill its pages. 

 --Vanessa Herman

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