The 50 Issues Project
Issue #35

Issue Date: July, 1975
Editors: Robin Skelton and William David Thomas
Pages: 188
Number of contributors: 18

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Cover of issue #35

The contents of issue #35 celebrate the 80th birthday of renowned author Robert Graves including essays on the influence of World War One on Graves’s poetry, Graves and the theme of childhood, and Graves as mythographer.  Each copy includes a personally signed and numbered silkscreen portrait of Graves by Canadian artist, William Featherston. In addition to Graves’s poem, ‘The Moon Ends in Nightmare,”there are several pages of rough journal drafts of his poem, “A Bracelet,” that provide a glimpse into the poet’s creative process. Four photo albums are included in the issue: Robert Graves 1974, Robert Graves at Home, The Seizin’s Press, and A Family Album.  There are personal accounts of Graves as well as analytical essays, a memoir from Malahat editor, Robin Skelton, and “A Memory” by Susan Musgrave, who met Graves in Mallorca in 1970. In 1969, the University of Victoria obtained a collection of some of Robert Graves’s original work, including diaries, letters, and transcripts.

 --Cara Spangler

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