The 50 Issues Project
Issue #31

Issue Date: July, 1974
Editors: Robin Skelton and Derk Wynand
Number of contributors: 21

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Cover of issue #31

Issue 31, published with the aid of The Canada Council, contains an impressive amount of work by essential Canadian writers and several American-born writers who have relocated to Canada. Canadian poet and children’s writer, Susan Musgrave, shares two poems. U.S. novelist and poet, Joyce Carol Oates, has four poems here. Canadian novelist, Leon Rooke, appears in the issue with short story “The First Day of the World.”  Award-winning Canadian poet, Patrick Lane, contributes five poems. Stanley Cooperman, an official Canadian citizen just two years before the issue was published, contributes three poems, and British-born, Ottawa-based Christopher Levenson contributes two. A photograph by Jack Kidder, an artist who received commissions for public art in several locations around Victoria, adorns the cover.

 --Cara Spangler

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