The 50 Issues Project
Issue #26

Issue Date: April, 1973
Editors: Robin Skelton and Derk Wynand
Pages: 244
Number of contributors: 29

Cover of issue #26

The content of Issue #26 is dedicated to Canadian writers of all varieties: First Nations writers, native-born Canadians, long and short-standing immigrants. But the issue is just as international in setting and content as any early issue of The Malahat Review, spanning the many influences representative of Canadian culture. Marilyn Bowering and David Day, University of Victoria graduates and co-editors of Many Voices: An Anthology of Contemporary Indian Poetry, have selected twelve poets from that volume to appear in this issue. The cover, “Black Star Mandorla for Rumi in an Arctic Night,” is by Pat Martin Bates, still one of Canada’s foremost contemporary printmakers. George McWhirter, long-time UBC Department of Writing chair and Vancouver’s first Poet Laureate, has a poem entitled “Indemnity.” Mike Doyle, former English teacher at University of Victoria also appears in this issue with two poems, “The Journey of Meng Chiao” and “Dreaming of Gardens.”

 --Cara Spangler

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