The 50 Issues Project
Issue #11

Issue Date: July, 1969
Editors: John Peter and Robin Skelton
Pages: 132
Number of contributors: 20

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Cover of issue #11

What sets issue #11 apart from the other essential issues of The Malahat Review is the section “12 Poets of the Pacific Northwest.” This aptly named segment includes twenty-two different poems from the likes of Susan Musgrave, Richard Hugo, Knute Skinner, Rick De Marinis, and Charles Lillard, to name a few. From “A bear living in a poem is bound to get hungry and eat up his house” (Elizabeth Webber, Uvic alumnus) to “On The Steps of the Lincoln Memorial” (Stanley Radhuber), these poems offer a diverse cross-section of the talented writers of this region. Another highlight of this issue is a raucous story about ballooning: “A ‘Free Run’ In the Balloon Vivid: October 18, 1909” (complete with black and white illustrations) by John S. Gooch and edited by Reginald H. Roy, then professor of Military History and Strategic Studies at UVic. The issue also includes John Peter’s glowing review of Alice Munro’s first book of stories, Dance of the Happy Shades, which won the Governor General’s Award for fiction in 1968. With a photograph of “The Ring of Time,” a sculpture by Hilda Morris, on the front cover, this issue is a must have for any Malahat Review fan.

 --Brianne Boehm

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