The Malahat Review Receives Seven National Magazine Award Nominations


We are pleased to announce that we’ve received seven nominations for the 2009 National Magazine Awards. The Malahat Review dominated both the Fiction and Poetry categories, receiving three out of six nominations for fiction, and three out of ten nominations for poetry. We’ve also received our first-ever nomination for a work of creative non-fiction, Joel Yanofsky’s Creative Non-Fiction Award-winning “Bad Day.” Malahat fiction board intern, D. W. Wilson was nominated in the Fiction category for his story, “The Elasticity of Bone.”

Our nominees are:


  • Michael Lista, “Fidelity” (issue #163, Summer 2008)
  • Sina Queyras, “Her Dreams of the Expressway” (issue #165, Winter 2008)
  • Peter Richardson, “An Equine Accessory Chews Over Options Within the Confines of a Two Story Cycle,” “Favour,” and “At Carruthers Point.” (issue #164, Fall 2008)


  • Anne Fleming, “Puke Diary” (issue #162, Spring 2008)
  • Andrew Tibbetts, “Dead Man’s Wedding” (issue #163, Summer 2008)
  • D. W. Wilson, “The Elasticity of Bone” (issue #162, Spring 2008)

Personal Journalism

  • Joel Yanofsky, “Bad Day” (issue #165, Winter 2008)

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Good luck to all the nominees!