The Malahat Book Sale a Success

Hundreds of Great Books Brought Buyers

Our book sale fundraiser, held on November 19th in the lobby of the Fine Arts building on UVic’s campus, was a great success. We raised over $1000 in sales and donations.

Peter Gray of Renaissance Books, deserves a very large thank you for securing for us a major gift of used books from a private donor.

Lynne van Luven, Malahat board member and Associate Dean of Fine Arts, also deserves thanks for coordinating our lobby takeover with UVic’s Faculty of Fine Arts, and for donating a large number of books to the sale.

Last but certainly not least, we must thank all of the volunteers who came out and helped us with postering, driving and sorting books, and table sitting at the sale itself:

Afra Boissevain, Stacey Curtis, Lise Gaston, Anna Johnston, Jessie Jones, Garth Martens, Jeff McAllister, Elizabeth Metcalfe, Andrew Reid, Eliza Robertson, Chelsea Rushton, Aaron Shepard, and Barbara Stewart.

Aaron Shepard and Michelle Simms deserve an extra big thank you for helping with the least glamourous job: helping to cart the unsold books to our storage locker (in the rain) after the sale.


Garth Martens charms Susan Sanford Blades and Jessie Jones.

Book browsers occupy Fine Arts lobby.

A giant halibut stalks Chelsea Rushton.