2022 Far Horizons Award for Poetry Shortlist

We're pleased to announce the shortlist for this year's Far Horizons Award for Poetry! Over 300 poems were received from emerging writers around the world. Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to those shortlisted.

The winner of the $1,250 prize will be announced by July 15 on our website and social media pages, as chosen by judge Laura Ritland.

Atma Frans, "Restoration"
Farah Ghafoor
, "End of the World Poem"
Patrick Grace
, "fullblown"
Joseph Kidney
, "Experior Magis Quam Intelligam"
Ying Lee
, "Kueh Bangket"
Tariq Malik
, "weaving spiderwebs over open wounds"
Amy Murphy
, "august apples"
Christopher Rafuse
, "douglas lake, one"
Sean Wang
, "At the break of dawn"
Sebastien Wen
, "Heart"
Meryem Yildiz, "Inner Child Work"