2021 Open Season Awards Finalists

We are pleased to announce the finalists for our 2021 Open Season Awards!

The winner in each category will be announced on January 19.

In Poetry:

Arthur Allen, "Crying on Air Canada"
C.M. Añonuevo, "burnt lumpia"
Laura Apol, "Umbra"
Michelle Brown, "Spells for Drunk Girls"
Morteza Deghani, "a map"
Matthew Hollett, "Merchant Vessels"
Avalon Moore, "Blanket"
Jeff Parent, "Remember How This Feels"
Suphil Lee Park, "Plato and So-and-So Screamed Flee for God's Sake But"
Patricia Young, "Invisible"

In Fiction:

Francine Cunningham, "Late Night Over Mayo"
G.A. Grisenthwaite, "Snk̓y̓ép and His Shiny New Choker"
Adam Haiun, "Deer-Shaped"
Zilla Jones, "Crossing"
Conor Kerr, "About a Buffalo"
Lisa Leyenda, "The Scent of Water"
Dinu Mahapatuna, "Cumin"
Erica McKeen, "Cereal / In the Cicada Summer / When Nellie Came"
Sadi Muktadir, "Leyt-ess"

In Creative Nonfiction:

Xaiver Campbell, "It Nuh Dat Nice 'Ere Enuh"
Jane Eaton Hamilton, "Splinter"
Patti-Kay Hamilton, "Clawed Back"
Tamara Jong, "What We Get to Keep: A Triptych"
Angélique Lalonde, "Manual 1: Instructions for loving broken people"
Tanis MacDonald, "Mondegreen Girls"
Alison Pick, "Not in Their Names"

Thank you to all who entered the contest, and best of luck to the finalists!