2020 Open Season Awards Finalists

We are pleased to announce the finalists for our 2020 Open Season Awards!

The winner in each category will be announced on January 29.

In Poetry:

Adam Haiun, "House Poem"
Matthew Hollett, "Waters Above and Waters Below"
David Ly, "Post 1"
Damen O'Brien, "Alien"
Melanie Power, "On the Day Your First Love Gets Married"
Geoffrey Morrison, "Planet of Thoughtographs II"
Patrick Grace, "A Violence"
Scott Lemoine, "Polygraph"
Susan Stenson, "River"
Linda Thompson, "The Noni Befores (aka Zink-oid Blasters)"

In Fiction:

Sydney Brooman, "The Bottom"
Antoinette Davis, "Garlic and Cigarettes"
Ajith Thangavelautham, "Moonbird"
John Tait, "Marta"
Geoffrey Morrison, "Memorandum"
Carmella Gray-Cosgrove, "Today is the Day"
Xaiver Campbell, "Unda Di Naseberry Tree"
Liz Tucker, "If He Had, He Would"

In Creative Nonfiction:

Jeremy Andruschak, "A Guide for Canadians Imprisoned Abroad"
Alison Pick, "Pushy"
Joshua Whitehead, "Who Names the Rez Dog Rez?"
Brady Patterson, "Stay Cis"
Rami Schandall, "Fernando"
Erin Soros, "Cord"
Roshni Riar, "Temporary Tenancy"
Rachel Lallouz, "naked life"

Thank you to all who entered the contest, and best of luck to the finalists!