2017 Open Season Award Finalists

We are pleased to announce the finalists for our 2017 Open Season Awards!

The winner in each category will be announced the week of February 1.

In Poetry:

Sean Howard, "breathless"
Claire Kelly, "That the day"
Carolyn Nakagawa, "Every stone"
Jordan Mounteer, "Variances" and "Dreaming of Ariel on the Coast of Izumi"
Simon Peter Eggertsen, "String Theory, Slowly"
Kristal Kordich-Crandall, "Mantra"
Peter Smith, "Stretch: An Inquiry"
Lars Horn, "Night"
Kate Marshall Flaherty, "Mars"
Peter Unwin, "How to Start a Poem"
Carl Watts, "The Former Aral Sea"
Laura Apol, "Five Prayers to be Said Upon Departure"
Genevieve Lehr, "two tarantulas appear in the doorway during a thunderstorm"
Rachael Lesosky, "Lean"
Steve Lautermilch, "Tsagiglala Means She Who Watches"
Robert Colman, "Old Friends"
Kath MacLean, "Grapes"
Richard Osler, "A Prayer for Melancholiacs" and "Another Music - Mid November"

In Fiction:

Rebecca Morris, "Foreign Bodies"
Barbara Black, "Barton"
Mark Bondyra, "Dudes Being Dudes"
Susan Carpenter, "From the River"
Kirsten Madsen, "Missing"
Elisabeth Harvor, "Conversations at Midnight"

In Creative Nonfiction:

Meira Cook, "Ouroboros"
Janie Brown, "No Talk of Dying"
Robert Finley, "The Beech Tree"
Matthew Hollett, "Kiki, Out of Focus"
Nishe Catherine, "Selena"
E. Alex Pierce, "Sweetbriar"

Thank you to all who entered the contest, and best of luck to the finalists!