2012 Open Season Award Finalists

We are pleased to announce the finalists for our 2012 Open Season Awards! Winners will be announced next week (Jan 23, 2012).

In Poetry:

Pamela Porter, "Three Short Pieces about Death"
Catherine Owen, "The Bald Eagle: a childhood memory" and To the Artist of 21st Century Canadian Nature Painting"
Jordan Mounteer, "Liminal"
Claudia Coutu Radmore, "All Saints"
Adrick Brock, "My Father, In Love"
Talia Zajac, "A Visit to Saint Sophia" and "In Vienna"
Susan Stenson, "Strolling into Loveliness" and "A Spontaneous Rumination of the Heart"
Owain Nicholson, "Dawn Tree-climb, Waiteshell Park"
Patricia Young,"Daughter at Thirteen"
Christine Thorpe, "Threadbare"
Cornelia Hoogland, "Tent in the Woods"
Larissa Kostoff, "The door in the floor"
Tammy Armstrong, "Forked" and "A Natural History of Vacant Lots"
J. Mark Smith, "Landscape with petroleum plant and sewage treatment"

In Fiction:

Elaine Morin, "No Man's Land"
Shane Neilson, "I do solemnly swear"
Larissa Thompson, "The Hunter's Stew"
Erin Frances Fisher, "Apiculture"
Royston Tester, "Four Gentlemen and a Comfort Woman"
Gregory Foran, "The Thing with Feathers"
Will Johnson, "Occupational Hazard"
Annie Reid, "I really do have to be someplace"

In Creative Nonfiction:

Heather Tucker, "Vanishing Point"
Elise Partridge, "Manpower"
Leslie Beckman, "Fingerling"
Tik Maynard, "Buy BENSTON"
Yvonne Blomer, "Going East Through"

Thank you to all who entered the contest for your support!