Issue 188, Autumn 2014
(The Translation Issue)

Delivery date: end of October 2014

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Cover of Issue 188

Translation is a vocation as consuming as any literary discipline, for it takes ingenuity, facility, and tenacity to tease out of English a likeness capturing the wit, nuance, and polish appreciable in the original. It demands originality, for its finest practitioners are so engaged they see their own and other languages afresh.

— from Malahat editor John Barton's
introduction, "A Like Vocation"

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Les poésies Francophones du Canada:
A Translation Contest

  • Donald McGrath, "Elegy Written in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Park" (author: Robert Melançon)
  • Chosen by contest judge Donald Winkler
  • Yves Bonnefoy (John Reibetanz), "Noli Me Tangere"
  • Dragan Jovanovic Danilov (Goran Marić), "A poem about married couples from cold northern countries"
  • Ulrikka Gernes (Patrick Friesen, P. K. Brask), "Dogger Bank, all that junk, words…,"
    "Skinny people are more naked, you said…,"
    "The snake rattles among the dry leaves…,"
    "You need a railway station, a cello, you need…"
  • Vinko Grubišić (Katia Grubisic), "Letter"
  • Durs Grünbein (John Reibetanz), "Phonebooth Nostalgia," "Grounded," "Club of Rome," "Renewals"
  • Dorothea Grünzeig (Derk Wynand), "poem of finding and losing"
  • Yuri Izdryk (Erín Moure, Roman Ivashkiv), "synopsis"
  • Juan Ramón Jiménez (A. F. Moritz), from Eternidades ("Night," "As you pass...")
  • Amadou Elimane Kane (Amy Butcher), "The Baobab Speaks"
  • Dmytro Kremin (Russell Thornton, Svetlana Ischenko), "The Horse Constellation"
  • Chus Pato (Erín Moure), "On the Turbulence of Poplars: Fuscum sub nigrum"
  • Maitham Salman (Maitham Salman), "You"
  • Simcha Simchovitch (Kenneth Sherman), "My Friend is Dying"
  • Ana Paula Tavares (Paulo da Costa), "The massambala grows in the naked eye"
  • Zulmira Ribeiro Taveres (Hugh Hazelton), "Life: Objects of Desire," "Surfer," "Mourning," "The Parrot’s Speech"
  • Haris Vlavianos (Evan Jones), from "Sonnets of Despair: apologia pro vita et arte mea" (12, 16, 24)
  • Leyzer Volf (Kenneth Sherman), "Four Questions"
  • Jan Wagner (Danielle Janess, Julian Smith-Newman), "Nikosia," "Chameleon"
  • Jan Zwicky, "Translation"
  • Hisham Bustani (Thoraya El-Rayyes), "Mirror, Mirror"
  • David Clerson (Peter McCambridge), "Dog of a Father"
  • Ha Seong-Nan (Janet Hong), "The Star-Shaped Stain"
  • Bruno Hébert (Neil Smith), from It's Not Me, I Swear
  • Chava Rosenfarb (Goldie Morgentaler), "In the Boxcar"
Creative Nonfiction
  • Dacia Maraini (Genni Gunn), from The Ship for Kobe
  • Katherine Luo (Yvonne So), "Along Came a Brother from Home Town"
  • Joyce Zhang (Daniel Fried), "Too Much Happiness: Translating Munro into Chinese"
  • Katia Grubisic, "Gradually the Multilingual Person: Katia Grubisic in Conversation with Hugh Hazelton"
  • Poetry

  • Tiziano Broggiato, Against the Light, translated by Patricia Hanley and Marie Laura Mosco (Toronto: Guernica, 2013.) (Reviewed by Pasquale Verdicchio.)
  • Chava Rosenfarb, Exile at Last: Selected Poems, translated and edited by Goldie Morgentaler (Oakville: Guernica, 2013.) (Reviewed by Anita Lahey.)
  • Ludwig Zeller, The Rules of the Game, translated by A. F. Moritz (Toronto: Quattro, 2013.) (Reviewed by George McWhirter.)
  • Robert Melançon, For as Far as the Eye Can See, translated by Judith Cowan (Emeryville: Biblioasis, 2013) and Pierre Nepveu, The Major Verbs, translated by Donald Winkler (Montreal: Véhicule, 2012.) (Both reviewed by Marie Vautier.)
  • Nuno Júdice, The Cartography of Being, translated by Paulo da Costa (Victoria: Livros Pé D'Orelha, 2012.) (Reviewed by David Swartz.)
  • Fiction           

  • Christine Eddie, The Douglas Notebooks, translated by Sheila Fischman (Fredericton: Goose Lane, 2013.) (Reviewed by Iain Higgins.)
  • Horacio Castellanos Moya, Dance with Snakes, translated by Lee Paula Springer (Emeryville: Biblioasis, 2009.) (Reviewed by Candice Fertile.)
  • Nonfiction    

  • Tomoko Mitani, Will not Forget Both Laughter and Tears (translated by Yukari F. Meldrum (Edmonton: University of Alberta, 2013.) (Reviewed by Sally Ito.)
  • Sherry Simon, ed., In Translation: Honouring Sheila Fischman (Montreal: McGill-Queen's, 2013.) (Reviewed by Jo-Anne Elder.)
  • Erin O'Leary, Abandoned Boxcar, Auschwitz-Birkenau. Digital photograph, 2013. Collection of the Artist.

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