2015 Long Poem Prize

The Malahat Review, Canada’s premier literary magazine, invites entries from Canadian, American, and overseas authors for the Long Poem Prize. Two awards of $1,000 CAD each are given. Poets contributing to The Malahat Review have also won or been nominated for National Magazine Awards for Poetry and the Pushcart Prize. The Long Poem Prize is offered every second year, alternating with the Novella Prize.

Entries may be sent by regular mail or email.

Pay only $15 for each additional entry after the first.

2015 Deadline

The deadline for the 2015 Long Poem Prize is February 1, 2015.

Read about our 2013 winners.


  • A single poem or cycle of poems that is between 10 to 20 pages long. A page is up to 36 lines (or less), including breaks between stanzas. In a cycle of poems, each poem must begin on a new page. In a multi-part poem, it is up to the author whether or not each section begins on a new page. **If you have any questions or require further information about the 36-line rule, please read this.
  • No restrictions as to subject matter or aesthetic approach apply.
  • Entry fee required:
    • $35 CAD for Canadian entries
    • $40 US for American entries
    • $45 US for entries from Mexico and outside North America
    • $15 CAD for each additional entry (from anywhere)
    • See 'How to Pay' below
  • Entrants receive a one-year subscription to The Malahat Review for themselves or a friend.
  • Only the winning long poems will be published in The Malahat Review's Summer 2015 issue.
  • Entries already published, accepted, or submitted elsewhere are ineligible.
  • Previous publication is considered to be any appearance in print or online, including on or in a newspaper, newsletter, magazine, anthology, chapbook, book, website, electronic magazine, personal blog, Twitter, or Facebook. Please note that even if the print run or circulation of the print publication where the work has previously appeared is small, this is still considered previous publication. No work that has been excerpted elsewhere is eligible for submission; nor is a work that has been revised since its original publication.
  • Entrants’ anonymity is preserved throughout the judging. Contact information (including an email address) should not appear on the submission, but along with the title on an enclosed separate page.
  • Please note that entrants who submit more than one long poem to the contest in the same year may win only one of the two prizes, nor may they have more than one entry on the shortlist.  The identity of multiple-entry entrants will nevertheless remain blind to the screeners and final judges.
  • No entries will be returned.
  • Entrants will not be notified by separately by letter about the judges’ decisions even if a SASE is included for this purpose.
  • Winners will be notified via email.
  • Winners and finalists will be announced on the Malahat website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed in April 2015.
  • Both winners will be interviewed. Interviews will be published in the magazine's electronic newsletter, Malahat lite and on the Malahat website in June 2015.
  • Send entries and enquiries to:
    The Malahat Review
    University of Victoria
    P.O. Box 1700
    Stn CSC
    Victoria, B.C. V8W 2Y2

    Telephone: 250-721-8524
    Fax: 250-472-5051

Enter by Email

  • Send entries as an attachment to
  • The subject line must contain the entrant's full name and method of payment. e.g., "John Smith cheque" or "Jane Tucker credit online" or "Jane Doe credit mail-in"
  • Entrants must also submit an information sheet as a separate attached file:
    • Entrant's full name
    • Title of entry
    • Entrant's mailing address
    • Entrant's email address
    • Entrant's telephone number
    • Method of payment (see How to Pay below)
  • Note: if submitting more than one entry, a single cover sheet with ALL poem titles listed is preferred.
  • Acceptable file formats: Word (.doc and .docx) or pdf

Enter by Regular Mail

  • Provide the following information on a separate sheet:
    • Entrant's full name
    • Title of entry
    • Word count for the entry
    • Entrant's mailing address
    • Entrant's email address
    • Method of payment (see How to Pay below)
  • Send entries to:
    The Malahat Review
    Long Poem Prize
    University of Victoria
    P.O. Box 1700
    Stn CSC
    Victoria, B.C. V8W 2Y2

    Telephone: 250-721-8524
    Fax: 250-472-5051

How to Pay

You can pay online or, if you're mailing your entry, enclose payment with it.

Online Payment

  • After paying by credit card, please print a copy of the receipt for your records.
  • We will match your payment with your entry by your name. If there is any doubt, we will contact you to confirm your receipt number.
Add to Cart(This option will be available in autumn 2014)

Pay by Mail

  • By Cheque or Money Order: Enclose a cheque or money order, made out to The Malahat Review, in Canadian or US funds with your entry.
  • By Credit Card: Complete our Credit Card Payment Form and enclose it with your entry.

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