Winter 2008 No. 165

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  • John Barton, "Through a Glass, Greenly"
  • Jay Ruzesky, "The Y Tree"
  • Tim Bowling, "The Return"
  • Roo Borson, "Blowing Clouds"
  • Julie Bruck, "After Wildfire"
  • Jan Conn, "Not as it is Perceived in the Phenomenal World"
  • Degan Davis, "Walmart, circa 2097"
  • Adam Dickinson, "Plastics (An Introduction)"
  • Neile Graham, "Thunderbird Comes from the Sunset"
  • Corneila Hoogland, "Fundamental"
  • Cynthia Woodman Kerkham, "Snowy Owl on a Suburban Street"
  • Sonnet L’Abbé, "Labitat"
  • Don McKay, "Song for the Song of the Sandhill Crane"
  • Arleen Paré, "these are the trials of water" and "headlong"
  • Philip Kevin Paul, "When the Stones Cleared Their Throats to Sing, " "Descent into Saanich," "Song for the Place of Deer," and "Back to Our Songs."
  • Sina Queyras, "Her Dreams of the Expressway"
  • Melanie Siebert, "Because They are Good at Lying Low"
  • John Steffler, "Under Mad Dog Lake," "Battle at Halfway Point," "Bear Brains," and "Smudging the Map."
  • Gillian Wigmore, "Water Girls"
  • Derk Wynand, "Horizon Notes"
  • Patricia Young, "Endgame"
  • Timothy Brownlow, "Green Thoughts in Green Shades"
  • John Harley, "Circle of Lakes"
  • Carol Matthews, "The Shadehouse, the Canopy, and the Earthworm"
  • Peter Sanger, "Good as Green"
  • Jan Zwicky, "Lyric Realism: Nature Poetry, Silence and Ontology "
  • Interviews by Jay Ruzesky
  • O, The Whole Shebang: An Epistolary Interview with Don McKay
  • The Horse Hitting its Stride: An Interview with Tim Lilburn
  • Serve Your Planet: An Interview with P.K. Page
  • The Details: An Interview with Jan Zwicky
2008 Creative Non-Fiction Award    Joel Yanofsky, Bad Day
  • Poetry
  • Christopher Patton, Ox (Montreal: Vehicule, 2007). Paperbound, 73 pp., $16.95 (Reviewed by Theresa Kishkan).
  • Tim Lilburn, Orphic Politics (Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 2008). Paperbound, 86 pp, $17.99. (Reviewed by Tanis Macdonald)
  • Gillian Wigmore, Soft Geography (Madeira Park: Caitlin, 2007). Paperbound, 84 pp, $15.95. (Reviewed by Clarise Foster)

  • Fiction
  • Bill Gaston, The Order of Good Cheer (Toronto: Anansi, 2008). Hardbound, 391 pp., $29.95. (Reviewed by Norma Lundberg)

  • Non-Fiction

    Tim Bowling, The Lost Coast: Salmon, Memory, and the Death of Wild Culture (Gibsons: Nightwood, 2007). Hardbound, 255 pp, $29.95. (Reviewed by Robert G. May)

    Daniel Francis, Ed., Imagining British Columbia: Land, Memory, and Place (Vancouver: Anvil, 2008). Paperbound, 216 pp., $18.00; Christine Lowther and Anita Sinner, Eds., Writing the West Coast: In Love with Place (Vancouver: Ronsdale, 2008). Paperbound, 282 pp., $24.95. (Both reviewed by Nicholas Bradley)

    Laurie Ricou, Salal: Listening for the Northwest Understory (Edmonton: NeWest, 2007). Paperbound, 263 pp., $34.95. (Reviewed by Mike Matthews).

Cover art:    David Hlynsky, Neomagnetic Flux
   1992 Colour Print, 40.6 cm x 50.8 cm
   Naturae Humanae Series
   University of Victoria

Poetry has always asked people to activate
their minds and encouraged them to
access their creativity. It is those sorts of
changes that make a real difference.
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