Samir Bhimji,
Fiction Board Intern

Samir BhimjiSamir Bhimji is a fiction, stageplay, and screenplay writer from British Columbia. He has had a comic about laundry and existentialism published and not much else. He currently studies at the University of Victoria where he tries to balance schoolwork, work-work, internship, and a play about rock 'n' roll or something; all somewhat successfully. 

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May 1, 2018

Far Horizons
Award for Poetry

Aug 1, 2018

Constance Rooke Creative Nonfiction Prize

Nov 1, 2018

Open Season Awards

Feb 1, 2019

Long Poem Prize


P. K. Page: A Tribute


Antigonish Poetry and Fiction Contests 2018

Palimpsest Press

PEN America Anthology

UVic Alumni Card